The Journal Register (Medina, NY)


October 25, 2013

LETTER: There's no partisanship on Concerned Citizens' agenda

Medina Journal-Register — There’s no partisanship on Concerned Citizens’ agenda

Congressional representatives in Washington, D.C., could learn a lesson from the politically cooperative efforts of the Concerned Citizens group in Orleans County. We are extremely politically diverse with members who are Conservatives, Tea Party Patriots, Republicans, Democrats and independents. There may be other political affiliations present that I am not aware of because we do not spend time discussing politics. 

Some in our group currently have family members or friends at The Villages. It is amazing to me that some have had family members who passed, but feel so strongly about the care their loved one received, compared to private facilities, that they are still working for the cause. Others are there because they know that Orleans County citizens have a caring heart and they want to keep it that way.

This non-political group is putting efforts into keeping the county nursing home public. It is premature to sell it without investigating how to make it a financially viable facility. We are not saying that the current legislators may not have tried to do this, but all stones have not yet been turned over. 

Have the billing practices of The Villages captured every last dime of federal, state and private pay money due to it? We have reason to believe it has not, considering how Genesee County has recovered $500,000 in just six weeks by re-submitting claims to Medicaid and Medicare.

Has anyone contacted the other county-operated nursing homes to form a cooperative to increase our buying power and get lower prices? Are we taking advantage of New York State’s collective buying power, as do our local school districts? I do not know the answer to these two questions but would like an opportunity to find out.

These are just a few possibilities. Let us not wake up one day and find out that we made a mistake. We need legislators with the ability to think outside the box and problem-solve for the benefit of our citizens. 

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