The Journal Register (Medina, NY)


October 16, 2013

LETTER: All citizens should resist disarmament

Medina Journal-Register — All citizens should resist disarmament

This is in response to Gia Arnold’s “Gun control not the answer to a safer state” letter that appeared in the Journal-Register’s Reader Views section Sept. 27.

Having attended my first meeting of the Orleans County chapter of New York Revolution, and having met Gia Arnold, the state coordinator, at previous Orleans County Tea party meetings, my concerns about the younger generation and the futures of my grandchildren have been somewhat lessened. The majority of participants at the New York Revolution meeting were young and apparently made their way through the public education system still able to form their distinct constitutional opinions. Hopefully my grandchildren will take a similar course.

In the last paragraph of her letter, Ms. Arnold closed with the statement pertaining to the New York S.A.F.E. Act, “We will not comply.”

I call on you grandparents that either have or have not taken the “oath to protect the Constitution,” but think the futures of their grandchildren are important, to not let Ms. Arnold and the members of the New York Revolution take the heat from that statement alone.

Please get involved in defending the Second Amendment by joining this group. We American citizens are being forced into disarmament and the loss of our Second Amendment rights on at least three strong fronts. In the state of New York it is the S.A.F.E. Act. In the federal government it is President Obama with his executive orders and gun-grabbing liberals. The third front is the United Nations, with its “Small Arms Treaty.”

A nation of unarmed people? History will surely repeat itself. It is time to show the legislators that the “will of the people is the power of the land.”

I remain unconstitutionally permitted and legally armed. I will not comply!

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