The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

October 16, 2013

LETTER: All citizens should resist disarmament

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — All citizens should resist disarmament

This is in response to Gia Arnold’s “Gun control not the answer to a safer state” letter that appeared in the Journal-Register’s Reader Views section Sept. 27.

Having attended my first meeting of the Orleans County chapter of New York Revolution, and having met Gia Arnold, the state coordinator, at previous Orleans County Tea party meetings, my concerns about the younger generation and the futures of my grandchildren have been somewhat lessened. The majority of participants at the New York Revolution meeting were young and apparently made their way through the public education system still able to form their distinct constitutional opinions. Hopefully my grandchildren will take a similar course.

In the last paragraph of her letter, Ms. Arnold closed with the statement pertaining to the New York S.A.F.E. Act, “We will not comply.”

I call on you grandparents that either have or have not taken the “oath to protect the Constitution,” but think the futures of their grandchildren are important, to not let Ms. Arnold and the members of the New York Revolution take the heat from that statement alone.

Please get involved in defending the Second Amendment by joining this group. We American citizens are being forced into disarmament and the loss of our Second Amendment rights on at least three strong fronts. In the state of New York it is the S.A.F.E. Act. In the federal government it is President Obama with his executive orders and gun-grabbing liberals. The third front is the United Nations, with its “Small Arms Treaty.”

A nation of unarmed people? History will surely repeat itself. It is time to show the legislators that the “will of the people is the power of the land.”

I remain unconstitutionally permitted and legally armed. I will not comply!

Al Lofthouse


Legislature failed to look before it leapt

As a proud citizen of Orleans County, I must respond to Legislator Eick’s “Reader View” published Sept. 25 in the Journal-Register.

The problem with the legislators’ decision on The Villages is that it was made without a thorough investigation of what they were doing. Had they waited for the August report on New York State’s public nursing homes, conducted by the Center for Governmental Research, they would have realized that Orleans County is one of the last places that should be selling its nursing home.

The three conditions that are cited in the report as reasons not to sell are all present in Orleans. We have a rapidly growing senior population (fifth-highest rate of increase out of the 33 counties that have public nursing homes), a high proportion of “hard to place” people such as Medicaid eligibles and Alzheimer’s sufferers, and few other long-term care options other than The Villages of Orleans.

On top of that, the legislators ignored public sentiment expressed at the public hearing. They seem to think they can do whatever they like, keep people in the dark and possibly even distort the truth. Their attitude in 2008, toward the sales tax on home heating fuel, was indicative of how out-of-touch they are with the generally decent people who live around here.

These same legislators are quick to fault food stamp recipients, but think nothing of taking from their elders all the freedom and security won for them by their parents and grandparents. Mr. Eick and the other legislators think the county really cannot afford to do right by people who have always been there for us. Our senior citizens have paid their taxes, secured our freedom, fought our fires and otherwise sacrificed to help build the county into what it is today.

The comments Mr. Eick has made about CGR may not tell the true story. The cost of a county-specific CGR study is worth it, considering the expert information that could be reaped. Did the Orleans County Legislature ever investigate what a study would cost? To my knowledge, the answer is no. What the legislators are doing is like me trying to repair an automatic transmission without having a shop manual on transmissions.

Are these public servants afraid the CGR would reveal true facts and show that our county nursing home, The Villages of Orleans, should not be sold?

Timothy Good