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October 25, 2013

LETTER: Conservative candidate will combat waste in Gaines

Medina Journal-Register —

The Conservative party committee in Orleans County is fighting for the taxpayers and the waste of their hard earned tax payer dollars.
An example of that waste was revealed recently after an audit of the Town of Gaines. Needing more detailed information, the town board engaged a certified public accounting firm at the request of the town supervisor. Some very disturbing findings were revealed.
1. It was observed there were no formal policies and procedures in place surrounding any of the major functions and/or operations of the town.
2. It was noted that the town clerk submitted and received reimbursement of $260.10 expenses to attend a clerk’s conference in Saratoga. The Town of Byron had submitted an invoice to the Town of Gaines for one-third of the cost, $94.87, because three town clerks, including the clerk from Gaines, carpooled. That invoice was approved for payment by the town clerk.
3. Based on a review of highway department documentation, between Dec. 27, 2010, and Jan. 4, 2013, payments totaling $106,800 were made to a vendor for goods and/or services that were not received by the town.
At one point the audit report states, “as a result, over the period from 2010 through 2013, the Town overcharged it’s taxpayers by $79,423 for purchases that were never made.”
This is an example of why every resident needs to get involved in local politics, attending town and county legislative meetings, asking questions and looking for ways to do things smarter.
We have stated in the past that local elected officials have a far greater impact on your daily life than officials in Albany or Washington, D.C., and this is an example.
We applaud the town supervisor for taking the initiative to request this investigation, based on her concerns.
Again, please, get involved. If you want responsible government, one that will work to reduce spending, vote for candidates listed in Row C, the Conservative line.


Ken Longer
Holley member, Orleans County Conservative Party Committee

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