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May 6, 2008

READER LETTER: Response to Day Out With Thomas fundraising opportunities

As Event Director for the Day Out With Thomas event at the Medina Railroad Museum, I would like to respond to the letter to the editor on April 18 from Richard Lugo, master, Medina Lodge #336, Free and Accepted Masons, and Jennifer L. Masse, matron, Medina Chapter #381, Order of the Eastern Star.

I apologize to the Masons and also to the LOYAL sports organizations for not offering them a food booth at the DOWT event this year. I have repeatedly been asked by other civic organizations to trade out these spots with their groups. In fairness, I should have done that each year, and not created a sense of permanence.

I have been asked to create more uniformity and organization in the food court. This year, with the approval of my Board of Directors, I chose to contract with a single vendor that does various DOWT events throughout the country.

Again, I apologize to the groups who feel I have pulled a rug out from under them, and also to the groups that have not had their turn at these booths. Sometimes business decisions are difficult, and I did not mean to offend anyone by my choice. I am trying to comply with our requirements and to offer something new for repeat visitors.

The Museum is especially grateful to all the groups that provide volunteers and perform demanding tasks at the event for a donation to their organizations. Although much less lucrative than operating a food booth, these volunteers participate willingly in the spirit of volunteerism and good sportsmanship for their organizations and the community. We look forward to your continued support at our event this year.

Linda Klein

Event Director

Day Out With Thomas

Medina Railroad Museum

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Letters to the Editor
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