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February 14, 2014

Union, Orchard Manor still at odds

Medina Journal-Register — Last September the employees at Orchard Manor voted to join the Civil Service Employees Association in a highly contentious and publicized campaign.

After the union vote, it was reported that Orchard Manor would wait to negotiate with the union until it determined that the vote was not completed in part due to coercion. Spokesperson Aaron Lichtman said at the time, “There were many complaints made and we’re looking into them,” and that the ownership at Orchard Manor is not “ideologically opposed to unions” and “supports workers having a free right to determine whether they want to collectively bargain.”

On Wednesday, CSEA issued a press release indicating several “positive developments” that have occurred in recent weeks. The release mentioned that the local office of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) “dismissed all of the objections to the election filed by management at the nursing home.”

After the original vote in the fall, management “alleged an array of improper activity, which the board determined to be unfounded,” the statement read. It continued, “Second, the same local office of the NLRB rejected additional claims by management that CSEA and workers supporting the union had committed unfair labor practices.”

Negotiations with the union have not begun, though, because, as the release explained, “As a delaying tactic, Orchard Manor has appealed both decisions.”

Furthermore, the release mentioned that the NLRB issued “official complaints against Orchard Manor management for illegally harassing, terminating and suspending union supporters during the campaign. CSEA had filed charges with the Labor Board alleging gross violations of worker rights by Orchard Manor management. The NLRB issued formal complaints after investigating the charges and finding management misconduct.”

Reached by phone on Wednesday, Lichtman acknowledged the complaints were filed, but he added they were withdrawn.

“My understanding is the union withdrew most of its claims of unfair labor practice charges because they had no merit,” he sated. “The NLRB issued nothing.”

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