The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

October 18, 2013

Family fun at the Orleans County fairgrounds

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — KNOWLESVILLE — Orleans County’s first-ever family game night at the county fairgrounds could not be described as anything other than a resounding success.

Jocelyn Sikorski, the Youth Bureau Director for Genesee and Orleans Counties, started family game night in Genesee County about 10 years ago and said she had been looking for an opportunity to do more in Orleans County.

“I wanted to find a way to do it so that people came out and we promoted the services in the county,” Sikorski said.

As for the night’s title, she said it is something meant to spur togetherness.

“This night is meant to give families a chance to spend time together, and then hopefully start their own family game night,” Sikorski said.

According to Sikorski, 120 people preregistered for the evening, and every preregistrant attended. Together with the walk-ins, Sikorski said the night’s total attendance easily eclipsed 150 and possibly reached 200.

Among those in attendance was the father-son duo of Malcolm and Sean Rayburn of Lyndonville. They were found playing the classic board game Clue.

Malcolm said he found about the night while he was filing some paperwork in Albion. He said he and Sean were playing Clue because “Sean is really into detective stories from The Magic Tree House to The Hardy Boys.”

Sean said he was enjoying the night for a simpler reason. “I wanted to come here tonight because I wanted to have some fun with my dad.”

Elsewhere, Lucas, 7, and Colin Miller, 4, of Medina were playing Crocodile Dentist with Honesty, 9, and Cencere Lowe, 6, of Albion.

Crystal Lowe said she brought her kids to the fairgrounds to have a great time, and it was exactly what they were doing.

Kelly Miller added that there’s no excuse to not spend fun, quality time with family.

Families who attended only needed to spend $5 to enter, and the evening included food and refreshments. Children, accompanied by adults, visited the county’s service booths to get a “passport” marked off, and then completed passports were traded in for brand new board games. 

Sikorski said the success of the event bodes well for making it an annual happening.