The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

June 19, 2013

Camp Rainbow Fund lists donors

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — The Camp Rainbow Fund, which is now in its 60th year, has already received a number of local donations. The camp itself, which started in 1970, is turning 43.

Gold Star Donors this year ($100 or more) include: Barbara Waters, Medina, in memory of Frank J. Balcerzak; Christopher Mitchell Funeral Homes, Inc., Albion; Robert and Maureen Sanderson, Medina; Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Madejski, Albion; James and Suzanne Punch, Medina; Junior Wilson Sportsmens Club, Inc., Medina; and the Medina Area Association of Churches.

The Silver Hero Club Donors ($50 to $99) are: Patricia Keeler, Albion; Gail Miller, Medina; Janet Rook, Medina, in memory of Gene Rook; George Hagerman, Rochester, in loving memory of his wife; Walter and Sharon Hird, Medina; Jocelyn Rowley, Kendall; Jean S. Benson, Medina; Joy Pollard, Medina, in loving memory of Henry Pollard; Jack and Cynthia Kiebala, Medina; Dona Masters, Medina; and James and Barb Hancock, Medina.

The Loyal Donor Club ($1 to $49) is: Fred and Paula Hill, Medina; Sandra Hilger, Medina; Frank and Virginia Messore, Medina; Malcom and Carolyn Thomas, Medina; Milford Scharlau, Lyndonville; Vito and Louise Misiti, Medina; Nicki Fredericks, Medina, in memory of Merle D. Fredericks; Fulton Rogers, Jr., Medina, in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Fulton Rogers; James Lawson, Medina; Margaret Koneski, Medina; Dick and Marilyn Hiwiller, Medina, in loving memory of Dorothy H. Boyd; Dr. and Mrs. James Sterling, Canandaigua; Helen Morien, Medina; Dean and Carol Bellack, Medina; Marcia Cleary, Medina; David and Nelda Callard, Medina; Laverne Ehrenreich, Medina; Presbyterian Women of Medina, in memory of Eileen Incho and Inez Reynolds; Dr. and Mrs. Sallah Abbasey, Medina; Leonard and Grace Hales, Medina; and an anonymous donation from a Medina resident.

The Camp Rainbow Fund accepts gifts year round at P.O. Box 24, Medina, NY 14103.