The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

September 18, 2013

Middleport looks to fill vacancy

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — Several local municipalities have held regularly scheduled meetings within the past week. Here is a rundown of their highlights.


Last Thursday, the Town Board of Hartland passed a local law to override the state mandated two percent property tax cap. The cap is meant to keep municipalities from increasing property taxes by more than two percent annually. Hartland, like every other local municipality, passed the law to protect itself in the event it would need to go over that two percent threshold. Local attorneys have advised all governing bodies to pass such laws since the state mandate was created.


At Monday’s Village of Middleport board meeting, the trustees decided to fill a motor equipment operator position that had remained vacant for two years. 

Village officials said the position requires that a person possess CDL class credentials and applications are currently being accepted. They are available at the village offices and online. Applications will be accepted until Sept. 30.

The position, held by Perry Kickbush until his retirement, involves operation of the village’s heavy equipment, such as dumptrucks, snow plows, etc.

In other board news, Doug Eggert was appointed as the village’s water operator in charge. He will hold that position until the yet-to-be-named village coordinator has the proper licensing credentials. The coordinator search is ongoing.

Eggert was also honored with a certificate by the NY Conference of Mayors for his 25 years of service to the village.


A public hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 21 in the Town of Ridgeway at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall. The hearing is mainly informational and deals with the creation of Water District 13.

According to Town Supervisor Brian Napoli, Ridgeway originally applied to do Water District 12 and 13 at the same time at the request of Rural Development. However, when the time came to do the project, there was only enough money to fund District 12. 

In recent weeks, Rural Development contacted Ridgeway to alert the town that there is money for District 13, too.

“They told us that down the road they may have some projects drop out to free up some money,” Napoli said. “So they’ve come back and are able to help us out now.”

The Town Board also approved the use of Chatfield Engineers on the District 13 project, Napoli noted, so that the process of the district creation can begin as soon as possible.

During the public hearing next month, a representative from Chatfield will be present to discuss the project costs, the debt service affiliated with the project, and when residents can tentatively expect work to begin.

Ridgeway Water District 13 will include homes north of the Bates and Portage Road intersection, a portion of East Scott Street, and a section of Portage Road.


At last Wednesday’s Shelby Town Board the members passed two resolutions, one each for Water District 10 and Water District 11.

The resolutions moved the projects forward through the issuances of negative declarations. Those declarations designate the Town of Shelby as the projects’ lead and say that the environment will not be adversely affected by the completion of the projects.