The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

September 18, 2013

Lyndonville aims to relaunch PTA

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — Lyndonville Central School gave two presentations to the community on Monday, and according to Jason Smith, district superintendent, both were received positively.

The first presentation reintroduced community members to the PTA. Cynthia Ames, director of the Niagara Region PTA, helped with the presentation. 

“Cynthia approached me over the summer about restarting our PTA,” Smith said. “We have a history in Lyndonville of having a strong PTA.”

He said a variety of factors played a role in the Lyndonville PTA becoming dormant for the past few years, but he said he anticipates its revival should be strong.

“We’ve already generated some interest, and I really hope to see it move forward after we do a bit more leg work,” Smith said.

Smith said the PTA in Lyndonville would “work in partnership with the school, support the district mission, and work with teachers” to enhance the student experience in the district. The group would be independent of the district itself, in charge of its own fundraising while also meeting monthly and providing various programs.

“If the school is seeking to get the parents’ perspective on an issue, the PTA is an important voice,” Smith noted. He said the district’s strategic plan could have leaned on the PTA for input over the summer.

And it was that strategic plan that was also presented on Monday night.

“I presented it as a roadmap, with 2016 as our destination,” Smith said.

Over the next three years, Smith put forth Lyndonville’s academic goals in the subjects of ELA and math while also aiming to prepare all district students to graduate.

“Our goal is a 100 percent graduation rate,” he said. “The plan lays out how we’re going to get to our destination, outlining various strategies we can use to help students achieve certain results.”

Smith said a diverse committee of community members, staff, board members, and parents helped with the three-year plan.

One aspect of the plan included increasing the amount of extracurricular activities in which students can participate. In that regard, Smith said he sees Lyndonville and Medina continuing to share various services.

“Through our partnership we are giving kids an opportunity to play football, run cross country, and play in the marching band,” Smith said.