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September 18, 2013

DA looking to unify code enforcement

Medina Journal-Register — Code enforcement varies from village to village and town to town throughout Orleans County. What is a violation in one municipality may not be a violation in another.

District Attorney Joe Cardon recently presented a way to possibly change that when he spoke before the Orleans County Legislature.

“I asked for a meeting of the code enforcement officers, the mayors, the supervisors, and myself, so that we can talk about enforcement at a countywide level,” Cardone recalled. “I want to try to find out if it makes more sense to centralize.”

Cardone said he knows each locality has its own codes and zoning, but enforcing those laws at a county level could be beneficial.

“That way you wouldn’t have to replicate the position in each jurisdiction,” he said. “It would be a full time county job, and there would be more continuity with the way things are enforced throughout the county.”

Cardone said different code enforcement officers interpret laws differently, but having one officer would alleviate that problem. He added that each municipality would still have its own codes, and that his office would assist with the enforcement.

“The idea is not to have a countywide set of codes, and this isn’t being discussed because anything has happened,” Cardone said. “I’m just looking to have an exploratory meeting, because to my knowledge nothing like this has been discussed at the countywide level before.”

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