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October 5, 2012


Medina Journal-Register — SHELBY — As towns throughout New York State prepare their next year’s spending plans, municipalities assess what 2012 brought, wince, and then seek new solutions for 2013 and beyond.

In the Town of Shelby, the process of reviewing the town’s departmental budgets is a necessary one in formulating Shelby’s 2013 budget. It’s also an opportunity to discuss new funding opportunities with the people who know best what their departments need.

The town board met Wednesday with Town Justice Dawn Keppler and Highway and Water Superintendent Mike Fuller, finishing up the town’s workshops with its department chiefs. With both officials, board members spoke about the town’s fiscal shape and changes that could be made to keep future level.

In the highway department, that means looking for alternatives to the replacement plans for heavy equipment. Fuller said Shelby’s heavy loader, which he requested be replaced last year as part of the town’s replacement schedule, is wearing out.

”You wanted a 10-year program, if we’re progressively updating there’s things to trade out,” Fuller said.

The new machine would be a big purchase, costing around $195,000. Supervisor Skip Draper proposed a program under which the town sets aside a portion of the cost of replacement equipment each year so that the replacements of multiple pieces of equipment in a single year aren’t budget breakers.

“But where would you start,” Fuller asked. “We have a 13-year old machine.”

Fuller said he’d rather pursue a program wherein the town bonds out the purchase of equipment and then buys and sells the equipment annually. The town had used a similar program in the past, but board members weren’t sure they could re-start one now.

”If you can find program where we can get the new equipment ... and all we pay is the difference (between the sold year-old equipment and the new, purchased equipment) and interest, we’ll support it,” Draper said.

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