The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

November 15, 2012

Village seeks weight limit

By Jim Krencik
Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — ALBION — The village streets will see a decrease in heavyweight traffic if a proposal to limit trucks over a certain weight is approved next month.

The Albion Village Board has scheduled a Dec. 12 public hearing on a local law to establishing a six-ton limit for vehicles traveling on village streets. Department of Public Works Chief Dale Brooks said the law would help preserve residential roadways.

The village currently has language in its code saying that traffic should comply with the weight limit, but sets no specific limits.

“We’re seeing a lot of trucks on State, Caroline and Ingersoll streets ... those streets are not built for that traffic,” Brooks told village board members Wednesday.

The efforts to create a weight limit precede the closure of the Main Street Bridge, which has sent additional overweight traffic onto smaller streets.

Brooks said he and Albion Police Chief Roland Nenni have met with officials from the State Police and studied similar codes in nearby villages. A six-ton limit with exceptions for local deliveries, farm equipment and school buses is within the norm.

If enacted, Brooks said the law would allow APD to stop suspected overweight trucks and have them weighed at either a commercial site or by the State Police.

”They’d have to stay on the state roads (Routes 31 and 98),” Brooks said. “You’ll see truck traffic decrease and the traffic staying off village streets.”

While NYSDOT estimates for the reopening of the Main Street Bridge have the roadway back up-and-running well before the public hearing, if heavyweight traffic is not allowed on the bridge then it would have to cross the canal in Medina or Fancher.

• The village board also discussed intentions to apply for a Rural Development Small Cities grant to fund replacement of water and sewer lines on multiple village streets.

Brooks said projects on East State, Crimson and Caroline streets would be good uses for the $600,000 that the village will apply for when the funding window reopens next year.

Mayor Dean Theodorakos said the proposed work would make for a good application, although additional projects will have to be part of the village’s 2013-14 spending plan.

”We have to start prioritizing for the next budget,” Theodorakos said.