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December 24, 2012

A year of new development

Medina Journal-Register — This year’s business development in the Village of Medina created new commercial opportunities, better gateways into the community and a sense of pride among residents.

Seemingly the only way you could have driven through the village without encountering a crane, construction site or contractor would be to scuba dive through the canal, as projects dotted Maple Ridge Road, Main Street, Center Street, Park Avenue and Bates Road.

Banner days were held throughout the village, as big projects brought in anchor businesses, new uses for vacant buildings and new homes for several small businesses.

The combined effect of those additions and smaller projects like the planting of 70 more trees in residential and commercial areas is transformative, Village Planning Board Chairman Christ Busch said.

“The result is a village that looks better and creates an improved perception for the home buyers and businesses looking to relocate,” Busch said. “It’s like a snowball rolling downhill, gaining momentum ... more and more people are discovering that Medina is a true gem of a place.”

In some cases, the work won’t be completed until next, like the Evans Ace Hardware expansion at the old Jubilee building on East Center.

Businesses that opened new locations in 2012 benefited not only the community but their commercial opportunities. C&H PC moved from Clara and Howard Lake’s home to a vacant facility at the corner of Park Avenue and Salt Works Road.

There was plenty of room to grow — the business added more training and business assistance services to the computer doctors’ service and sales.

“It will allow us to function better,” Clara Lake said after the new location opened in May.

Tractor Supply opening a new location at the Maple Ridge Plaza in March, bringing convenience for farmers, those with yard work and pets. It also breathed new life to a plaza that had stood as a poor first-impression to traffic coming in from Niagara County.

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