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December 12, 2012

LCSD accomplishing advised actions

Medina Journal-Register — LYNDONVILLE — Jason Smith arrived in Lyndonville last year with a series of recommendations on the best methods to strengthen the school in years ahead.

Smith said Monday that Lyndonville is well on the way to accomplishing all of the goals set by an advisory committee in the wake of evaluations of the unsuccessful merger efforts with Barker.

The committee recommended a series of ideas last year that could sustain the Lyndonville Central School District without merging with another district, be it Medina or Barker.

Proposals like consolidating instruction into a single building, moving to a single bus run and sharing extracurricular activities with Medina have already been achieved. Others, like establishing a shared business office or joining a BOCES-based business office are being studied, Smith told Board of Education members.

“We have accomplished many of the recommendations and are working on others,” said Smith, who noted that only proposals to shared administrators and move employees to a 11-month schedule haven’t moved forward.

The committee prioritized the local improvements over considering a merger with Medina or Barker. School Board President Ed Urbanik said following that course has provided more accomplishable actions.

“We’ve done a good job implementing Option 1 (strengthening Lyndonville) … It’s more difficult to work with merger options,” said Urbanik, who noted that a district merger is “off the table” at this point.

That hasn’t prevented Smith, Lyndonville High School Principal Aaron Slack and Athletic Director Lee Dillenbeck from meeting bi-monthly with their counterparts at Medina. Smith said the group is exploring shared some courses next year in the same manner that select athletic and performing arts programs are being shared this year.

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