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December 12, 2012

Speed changes on the horizon

Medina Journal-Register — SHELBY — The intersection of Salt Works and Maple Ridge Roads will soon undergo a minor shift aimed at improving safety on the much-traveled crossing.

At the Shelby Town Board meeting Tuesday night, Highway Superintendent Mike Fuller updated the board with news from the state level. According to the information he provided, the NYS Department of Transportation investigated the intersection and believes a double yellow line should be put on Route 31/Maple Ridge Road at the intersection of it and Salt Works Road to prohibit passing as cars approach Salt Works.

Currently, no pavement markings exist and the intersection has been the site of several accidents. It is the hope of Fuller and the board that the addition of new markings will help reduce the amount of accidents at the intersection.

Also, the speed limit heading east on Route 31 toward Maple Ridge Plaza is currently 55 miles per hour but it decreases quickly to 40 as cars near the outskirts of Medina. The state, according to information provided by Fuller, said an intermediate speed limit of 50 miles per hour between Salt Works Road and the current 40 miles per hour zone would be sufficient.

Orders for the speed zone are currently being processed at the state level.

In other happenings Tuesday night, the board unanimously approved the authorization of the agreement for Aid for Cyclical Reassessments.

Town Assessor Michele Harling explained that the state offers aid to help offset the costs of reassessments. Those costs can add up quickly, she said. Normally, there is an update done every three years, and this coming year is the third year in the town’s cycle.

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