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October 18, 2013

LDC reviewing proposals for purchase of The Villages

Medina Journal-Register — The Orleans County Health Facilities Corporation met Friday afternoon to begin its review of the proposals submitted by prospective new operators of the Villages of Orleans Health and Rehabilitation Center.

The proposals are part of a possible real estate transaction, and their contents are considered confidential in state law. Therefore the proposals are not being shared with the public or the media, according to David Schubel, attorney for Orleans County, serving as general council for the LDC.

"We can say that we have some very strong proposals from highly qualified nursing home operators with successful track records in the long-term care industry and with the New York State Department of Health," said Russell Martino, chairman of the Health Facilities Corporation board. "All proposals submitted satisfy the financial needs of the county relative to the outstanding debt. Based on what we are seeing, we have some really positive choices to make."

The board will interview the potential operators, visit homes owned by those operators, and examine data provided by state and federal agencies, Martino said.

Completion of the transaction would allow the buyer to begin the process of obtaining a Certificate Of Need through the New York State Department of Health. That process can take 12 to 18 months.

The sale of the nursing home is a multi-million dollar real estate transaction that puts Orleans County in a "very delicate" position, according to Chuck Nesbitt, the county's chief administrative officer.

With the nursing home's status as one of the most hotly debated issues in Orleans County this election season, Nesbitt was asked about the timing of the LDC's negotiations. He said the process the LDC has followed has dictated the pace at which it moved along.

"The LDC was formed in February, and requests for proposals went out in August," Nesbitt explained. "The LDC has done what it is charged to do." He added the timing of this latest news is in line with the process, and any suggestion that the LDC altered its timeline to coincide with election season is "inaccurate."

While details concerning the proposals were unavailable due to the nature of the negotiations, Nesbitt said he did expect the LDC to start interviewing potential buyers in the next two weeks. After that facility visits will be scheduled before a final presentation is made to the Orleans County Legislature. The timeline for the visits and presentations, he noted, was still in flux.

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