The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

November 6, 2013

Keep on Rockin'

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — After two and a half years in a Pearl Street building near Main Street, Yvonne Flores recently managed to successfully move to Medina’s bustling business district.

“I like being on Main Street,” said Flores in her establishment, Rock Paper Salon. “I feel Main Street is being refurbished and more and more businesses are making the move here.”

At Rock Paper Salon, Flores offers clients “timeless” hairdos. She said the ambiance at her business is timeless as well, which meshes with the general feel of Medina’s downtown, which she agreed was a bit “retro.”

“There’s a historic feel to the place, but there is also a lot of new stuff that is offered,” Flores said.

With a variety of different hair salons just in downtown, Flores said, “We all offer something different.” She said what makes Rock Paper Salon unique is its atypical nature. The focus is on hair, but part of her storefront extends to the back and includes a seasonal boutique, with an inventory that is constantly in flux.

In other words, a person can get their hair done the way they want, and shop the unique goods for sale as well in the “earth-friendly” business.

A Buffalo native, Flores said she started Rock Paper Salon because she saw a need for variety.

“I always left town to get my hair done, and I wanted to offer people here the chance to not have to leave town,” she explained. 

The boutique is part of the experience, and the move from Pearl Street to Main Street has allowed her to expand. 

The product line is completely organic. Part of the inventory includes organic soap, and for every bar purchased Flores donates one to the Buffalo Women and Children’s Shelter. 

As for the clothing, Flores said she changes the selection frequently so that a person looking for a fall-themed outfit in the fall can find one in the fall, and fresh looks for summer are available in the summer, and so on.

The clothing line is [resurrection] and the furniture in the store is done by Ellen J. Goods. Many other items for sale in the shop have been repurposed and are also for sale, adding to the variety.

The ever-changing selection, Flores said, has led to both new and repeat customers. Those customers will soon see an expansion in Rock Paper Salon when Flores adds facials in the coming months.

Flores wound up in Medina thanks to her husband, who is from the area. She said the time was right  to start her business two and a half years ago, and when the chance to move to Main Street presented itself, she knew it was a chance she had to take.

Now that Rock Paper Salon is on Main Street, Flores said she is “committed” to the area and building clientele.