The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

April 10, 2013

Little League insurance an issue for village

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — LYNDONVILLE  - The Village Board of Lyndonville narrowly passed a motion Monday night that will allow the Somerset Little League to use local baseball facilities.

The league does not have a certificate of insurance or schedule on file with the village yet, and the lack of such paperwork led to the close decision. As written, the resolution includes language saying the approval of field use is contingent upon the proper documents making their way to the village.

Such a contingency was not enough for dissenting board members James Tuk and Ellen Tuohey. 

Tuohey explained, “They knew what they needed to do early enough.” She adding the board went through a similar circumstance with the league last year around the same time.

Trustees James Whipple and Dan Woodward voted for allowing permission. Whipple said stopping volunteers from helping the community would hurt the wrong part of the population.

“These are community based people who aren’t getting paid, and sometimes the people in charge change,” Whipple said. “This happens time and again, and I can’t see holding up little league for it.”

Woodward agreed. “I know we’ve done approvals on the fly for the library for events they’ve held the same night,” he mentioned. “Why can’t we do this?”

Mayor Stephen McAvoy provided the deciding vote, choosing to favor the little league based on the it obtaining insurance before using the field. However, he too was miffed at the situation and noted the repeat lateness of the correct document filing needs to stop.

Also on Monday, the board discussed its progress regarding the adoption of the 2013-14 budget. McAvoy said it is still being worked on and will be decided upon soon. Currently trustees are examining the budget carefully to determine where and how it can be cut and adjusted to keep any tax rate changes at a minimum.

The village will present the budget at a public hearing on April 29. It will also hold a hearing to create a local law to override the two-percent property tax cap (if needed) upon the passage of the budget.

The public hearings are scheduled back to back and will begin at 7 p.m. at Lyndonville Village Hall.

In other board happenings, trustees approved the addition of a computer program to enable the village to accurately track employee hours worked. Village Clerk Teri Woodworth said Lyndonville’s current system — KVS — does not provide the detailed attendance reports required by the New York State Comptroller. The addition of the module was approved for a cost not to exceed $1,000.

Woodworth also said she is negotiating the cost of annual maintenance fees KVS currently charges.