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March 11, 2013


Medina Journal-Register — MEDINA — The revitalization of the Olde Pickle Factory is a facet of a Medina-based private equity firm’s larger efforts to find and invest in innovative and emerging companies.

In the same building where he built Sigma International General Medical Apparatus from a small business to an industry-leading 750-employee manufacturer, Roger Hungerford is looking to apply a boost to projects that will benefit Medina and healthcare recipients across the nation.

Hungerford is the CEO and Chairman of Talis Equity, where he devoted his efforts after Baxter Healthcare completed its purchase of Sigma last year. The firm operates the 450,000 square foot Park Avenue complex and occupies an office on the second floor.

Hungerford said that 100 percent of the facility is in use — most of it as warehouse space. But a growing percentage is being used for manufacturing, business and doctor’s offices; more than 1,200 people will be employed within the multi-building complex once Claims Recovery Financial Services’ planned move to the site is finished.

That move was facilitated through rapid action that Talis provided for CRFS. Hungerford said he was pleased to bring the business’s culture to Medina.

“Jodi (Gaines, CRFS’s founder and CEO) is an expert in claims recovery, her time was better spent on her business,” Hungerford said of the process of creating a temporary space from a storage area. “She had to accept the site quickly, but she and I made an assessment (of one another). They have a loyalty and a great culture, it stems from her.”

That’s something he’s keen to continue investing in that type of company when it comes to adding to the Olde Pickle Factory.

“I’m not interested in people who are just motivated by making money. We want businesses who care about people,” Hungerford said, citing the goals of Park Avenue’s big employers. “Baxter is keenly concerned about providing safe medical devices for hospitals. Mizkan Americas and Associated Brands provide good-quality food products.

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