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July 3, 2013

MCSD re-elects leaders, renews superintendent

Medina Journal-Register — The leadership in the Medina Central School District will continue as is for the coming year.

At Monday’s meeting, School Board President Carol Heiligenthaler and Vice President Chris Keller both kept their positions in votes of 6 to 3 and 5 to 4, respectively. 

In nominating Heiligenthaler, board member Bill Keppler said “she’s been one of our better presidents. She is tolerant of other points of view without necessarily agreeing with them, and her personality is good for the job because she lets everyone be heard.”

Both Heiligenthaler and Keller will serve in their posts for the next year.

Meanwhile, the board also renewed the contract of Superintendent Jeff Evoy in an enthusiastic unanimous vote. As the district’s leader for the past two years as of November, Evoy’s renewed contract will keep him in Medina through June 30, 2018.

By that time, Evoy’s tenure will have eclipsed those of the past two superintendents combined. Bringing stability to Medina was part of Evoy’s original goal.

“The district deserves it and the staff deserves it,” he said, adding that having a commitment for “the long haul” helps bring confidence to district employees.

Evoy also said he was touched by the board’s eager approval of his contract’s renewal.

“That meant to world to me that the board was so loud and proud,” he said. “That was a huge vote of confidence.”

Working with the board and maintaining good lines of communication will continue under Evoy’s leadership, he said. “I enjoy working with the board and I think there’s a deep, mutual respect between us,” he added.

On a more personal note, Evoy has watched his children grow and learn as part of the Medina Central School District. He said has no desire to go anywhere else, and that ultimately when he retires, it will be from Medina.

“This place is in my heart and soul,” he said

In other board news, it was announced a legislative aid grant increased in amount over the same grant awarded last year.

Also known as “bullet aid,” the grant for the coming year is worth $67,800, up from $50,000 in 2012-13. It will be used for safety updates and help offset costs of the school resource officer.

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