The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

July 5, 2013

Local couple combines businesses

Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — Merging businesses normally comes with many challenges.


For George and Renee Lama, the biggest challenge was coming up with a name.

The married couple recently combined their two businesses - George Lama Photography and Renee Lama Graphic Design - into one entity: RG Lama Studios.

“It took a few months to figure it all out,” George said. “We were worried about losing our identity as separate businesses, but we found ourselves working together on so many things that we were doubling up a lot anyway.”

Renee agreed.

“Our biggest fear was starting all over, but in the end it’s just easier to blend the two together,” she said. “I was doing design work for him, and he was doing photography for my stuff.”

The couple also mentioned how much easier it will be to file taxes and issue bills as one business rather than two.

George said by operating as one, they can now offer a greater variety of services to their customers, particularly on the commercial side.

“It’s more convenient and efficient for businesses to deal with one company,” he said.

Combining forces has also eliminated some work, Renee said.

“We were maintaining double of everything, but now we only have to worry about one,” she explained.

Living and working together offers a unique business opportunity, as Renee noted that she and George often find themselves talking about their work.

“We have lots of discussions trying to find the best plan of attack on any type of project,” she said. “We do a lot of strategic planning whenever we’re tackling a menu or a flier or something like that, and we do everything as a team.”

George said the couple was lucky to work in such similar fields. “To us this is a shared passion and it’s all this creative stuff that we both really enjoy,” he stated. “We thrive on that and share the same interests. Otherwise, this wouldn’t work.”

For those in the workforce who leave their job at the office, the Lamas can not really do that as their home is their office.

“Since we’re together all the time, we’re always talking about work,” Renee said. “It’s nice because instead of forgetting what we wanted to say by the time we get to an office, we can tell each other immediately.

“We try not to talk about work constantly, but I think it’s good that we get excited about it,” Renee added. “We’re lucky in that we’re both doing what we love to do.”

For more information about the Lamas new business venture, call them at (585) 355-7179.