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April 17, 2013

Waterlogged residents ask for help

Medina Journal-Register — The recent wet weather throughout the county hit the hamlet of Knowlesville hard enough to bring its residents out in force to the Ridgeway Town Board meeting Monday night.

Roughly 20 homeowners voiced their concerns over how the town dealt with the heavy rain late last week.

Resident John Brown recalled how his week ended: wet.

“I had to call the fire department Wednesday because the creek was getting high and there was water in the cellar,” he said. “They got it fixed by Thursday morning, but I had to call them again Friday when it was raining again and they were there for (a long time).”

While the high waters did not completely ruin Brown’s house, there was significant damage as both his furnace and water heater stopped working.

His neighbor, Jeff Strand, said his house suffered damage, too, and the repairs must come from his own pocket.

“We’ve called about flood insurance but we can’t get it since we’re not in a designated flood zone,” he said. He noted how the Erie Canal will be filled soon, and another deluge could create a similar problem.

“Is it possible to pump water out a different way?” he asked.

Ridgeway Town Supervisor Brian Napoli said the town’s engineer has been contacted to help with creating a remedy to the water problem. He said there are also grants available to help homeowners fix some damage, but the process takes time. Napoli added he has been contact with some of the county’s soil and water personnel to determine how best to go about modifying the most vulnerable area when heavy rains hit.

Russell Schaefer, another resident, said the responsibility surely belongs with the town.

“It’s not a natural creek that’s overflowing; it’s a drainage ditch designed by Ridgeway and it’s not doing its job,” Schaefer said.

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