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September 4, 2013

Oak Orchard supplied with hefty donation

Medina Journal-Register — School budgets are a topic of discussion annually, but what is almost never mentioned is the money spent by teachers on their classes.

Things like notebooks, pens, and pencils can add up.

At Oak Orchard Elementary School in Medina, thanks to a generous donation by one of the school’s now-grown former students, many of those supplies are now available.

And all Kelsey Dreisbach paid for those supplies was the sales tax. Why?

Two words: extreme couponing.

Dreisbach started hunting for deals a little over a year ago when she and her husband learned they were expecting their first child. Since they only had one income, she said she decided to “try to figure out how to stretch a dollar as far as I could.”

She bought multiple Sunday papers and searched a few different websites for more bargains.

“I also started following, because she offered a lot of beginners tips for a lot of different stores,” Dreisbach said. “That site really breaks couponing down, and I’d recommend it to anybody.”

Like many expectant mothers, Dreisbach said she stockpiled coupons for the “basics” like diapers, shampoo, and other household items. When she started seeing adds for school supplies, she thought about buying those, too, but hesitated since she was not a parent of a student.

“Then I decided that if I had the means of doing it, I would,” Dreisbach said. “My son is only five months old now, but I hoped that if we were ever in a situation where we needed anything, that someone would help us out.”

A little bit of research, a lot of clipping, and some price-matching at different stores later, Dreisbach wound up with about 400 notebooks, 100 packs each of pens, pencils, and crayons, and a few hundred folders (with 70 still left to drop off), among other school essentials. The total for the supplies was around $500, but thanks to couponing Dreisbach got them for next to nothing.

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