The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

November 30, 2012

Old, new at Medina restaurant

By Jim Krencik
Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — MEDINA — The dining menu at the re-opened Old Mill Run, 4237 South Gravel Road, is as adventurous as you’re willing to go.

The restaurant, now owned and operated by the married team of Alana Ross and Bilal Huzair, offers everything that one would expect in a country diner. Comfort foods like sandwiches — the tender reuben is a popular choice — burgers, pastas and salads populate the lunch and take-out menus.

There are also the expected but well-made breakfast and dinner entrees, but with a word diners can also experience a wealth of worldly options to spice up their meal. A ‘secret’ menu filled with Asian, European and Caribbean flavors awaits.

”It all depends on the customer,” said Ross, who along with Huzair purchased and re-opened the restaurant in September. “Those who are ready ask for it, and those who try it are coming back for more.”

The highlight are dishes made in the Sri Lankan-style that Huzair grew up eating on the south Asian island and learned to cook from his mother. Curry-flavored meals can be made to be spicy or mild but are most certainly unique, even for those accustomed to Indian food.

”There is a different curry powder and less oil used,” Ross explained. “It’s a different blend of spices that are roasted to bring out the flavor.”

Ross brings her own culinary experiences, having shadowed her grandmother at her Italian restaurant. Other influences can be tasted in the restaurant’s main soup. Doc’s Chicken Soup is named for the good friend who gave the recipe to the owners — it includes zucchini and orzo to go with the familiar taste of chicken soups.

The familiar and the newly-found flavors all come in a comfortable, full-service atmosphere.

“We have a real dining experience — people go out because they want to be treated,” Ross said.

Old Mill Run is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturdays; and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays.