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January 22, 2014

Building code advice given

Medina Journal-Register — The Medina Business Association’s members spoke with Marty Busch Tuesday morning to see what they could do to help keep the downtown business district up to code. Some businesses have certain issues that need to be addressed, and Busch, who is the Village of Medina Code Enforcement Officer, touched on those areas, too.

“There are a number of things you can help us out with,” Busch told the MBA. “There are routine maintenance issues with all of the buildings … and if you can stay on top of those things, great.”

Some questionable buildings, Busch noted, have fallen into a state of disrepair and there is little he can do with them because, as he said, “I’ve been told they’re in ‘legal limbo.’”

However, most of Medina’s historic downtown has been kept up well. Busch said easy things to do for every business owner are to practice good fire safety and maintain the electricity in the wires running through the old buildings.

Another thing Busch mentioned was that since Medina’s downtown is a historic preservation district, storefront owners need to be aware of what and how many signs they display in their windows. Those signs are subject to the code of the historic district.

“Don’t put up too many because people will ignore them, and make sure you take things down in a timely manner,” he said.

Some of the buildings in operation with code issues have had action taken on them, Busch added. “We’re well aware of those locations,” he said.

“The historic district has evolved to the point where we’re moving from a velvet glove to a big stick,” he added.

Busch cautioned the MBA’s members to not point fingers at each other and create enemies. He added that business owners need to remain vigilant in looking for opportunities to find grants or other ways to continue to maintain and improve their shops.

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