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October 25, 2012

Piling on

Medina Journal-Register — HOLLEY — Richard Penfold said at a public information meeting Tuesday that he hopes a “silent majority” of Town of Albion residents will greet his proposal to re-open and operate the former Orleans Sanitary Landfill with their support. That wasn’t the reception he received at Tuesday’s meeting, where the crowd at Hickory Ridge largely met a presentation on the benefits of a new landfill operation with vocal opposition to any future use of the Transit Road facility.

Penfold holds an option to purchase the shuttered landfill property, which he co-owns with the family of the late John Smith; and a ten-year NYDEC permit to operate it, which was granted to Waste Management in 2003 but returned to OSL after their lawsuit to force the opening of another landfill failed. He’s hopeful that a deal can be reached to open the site, but if one isn’t reached he won’t darken the town’s doorstop for long, as the DEC permit — and his interest in the site — will run out next November.

“If they tell me to get lost, I’ll go,” Penfold said.

Almost all of those who participated in a question-and-answer session predicted that would be the message he’d receive.

“Save yourself a lot of time and money ... forget it,” former Supervisor Ted Scharping said.

Penfold told a group of more than five dozen residents that the decision on whether to proceed with plans for Albion Recycling & Recovery, LLC depend largely on the Albion Town Board, to whom he is submitting an application for a new landfill in the next few weeks. If the board is willing to remove an anti-landfill provision in the town’s code enacted in 1996, he’d sign a host agreement to provide for more than $1 million in annual economic benefits in the form of tax reductions, tipping fees, electricity from methane, and other incentives.

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