The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

October 31, 2012

Libertarian seeks District 139 seat

By Jim Krencik
Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — When Orleans County residents head to the polls Tuesday there will be plenty of choices on the ballot for high-profile races, with six tickets on the Presidential line and five names on the U.S. Senate line.

Far fewer options are available when it comes to local and state offices. Every town and countywide race is uncontested. Assemblywoman Jane Corwin, whose district will include the Town of Shelby, faces no opposition.

But there are decisions when it comes to the other two representatives Orleans County will send to Albany. State Sen. George Maziarz, a Newfane Republican, faces Lewiston Democrat Amy Hope Witryol and Lockport Green Jonathon Benedict. Assemblyman Steve Hawley, a Batavia Republican, also faces a challenger — Hamlin Libertarian Mark Glogowski.

Glogowski, 69, worked in Kodak’s research labs for more than 30 years and received bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in chemistry.

“I’ve worked in a broad spectrum of technology,” said Glogowski, who ran a refuse conversion company after leaving Kodak that made products like a replacement for compost that locks nutrients in place and holds more water.

He served as a town leader in the Hamlin GOP in the 1980s and contested a 1996 primary for a seat on the Hamlin Town Council but lost to a Democrat backed by local Republicans. Glogowski said he lost faith with his party following the GOP’s response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks; he changed his registration from Republican to Libertarian in 2009.

“I realized I did not like their approach to government,” said Glogowski, citing the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. “They’re more intrusive on people’s everyday lives.”

Glogowski, who authored the 2011 book “The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics,” said he sees four competing world views on governance that can be determined by two questions — who is ultimately responsible for your welfare, governments or the individual; and who do you trust to make decisions, governments or the individual.

“Either you make the decision as the government or you empower the people,” Glogowski explained. “You can give them freedom to make decisions or create more rules and regulations.”

Glogowski attended the Libertarian Party national convention, where the party’s Presidential nominee, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson’s tax proposals — replacing income taxes with a system based on consumption — matched his beliefs of the tax structure flowing up from municipalities to the states and then the federal government.

“He laid out his plan and I believe him,” said Glogowski, who also would like to see the real estate tax eliminated. “Everybody pays something; and the rich people spending more will pay more. Applied across the board, you could eliminate the income tax without seeing much in the federal government. It would be a dramatic change, people no longer reporting to the government. Government reporting to the people.”

Glogowski said he believes the State Assembly is where he can play a role in reshaping the nation.

“Things have to change at the state level if we’re going to get back to constitutional government,” he said. “That’s where you create the mechanism for change to occur.”

LOCAL RACES - STATE SENATE DISTRICT 62 (ALL OF ORLEANS AND NIAGARA COUNTIES, TOWNS OF SWEDEN AND OGDEN) • George Maziarz (Republican, Conservative, Independence) • Amy Hope Witryol (Democratic, Working Families) • Jonathon Benedict (Green) - STATE ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 139 (TOWNS OF ALBION, BARRE, CARLTON, CLARENDON, GAINES, KENDALL, MURRAY, RIDGEWAY AND SHELBY, ALL OF GENESEE COUNTY, TOWNS OF CLARKSON, HAMLIN, RIGA AND SWEDEN) • Steve Hawley (Republican, Conservative, Independence) • Mark Glogowski (Libertarian) DISTRICT 144 (TOWNS OF SHELBY, ALDEN, CLARENCE, HARTLAND, LOCKPORT, NEWFANE, NEWSTEAD, PORTER, ROYALTON, SOMERSET AND WILSON, CITY OF LOCKPORT) • Jane Corwin (Republican, Conservative, Independence) - ORLEANS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY • Joe Cardone (Republican, Conservative) CORONER (pick three) • Joseph Fuller • Scott Schmidt • Charles Smith - TOWN OF SHELBY TOWN COUNCIL (1-YEAR TERM) • Mary Woodruff - TOWN OF RIDGEWAY TOWN COUNCIL (3-YEAR TERM) • William Bacon - TOWN OF MURRAY TOWN JUSTICE (4-YEAR TERM) • Theodore Spada