The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

February 11, 2013

Local shops preparing for cupid's onslaught

By Jim Krencik
Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — MEDINA — The rush of Valentine’s Day gift-giving has local businesses expanding their efforts to make sure there are enough gifts to keep couples happy.

Apple Blossom Florist will have a dozen cupids on staff this week to prepare flower bouquets. Lisa Trippensee said thousands of roses, carnations and other flowers are being delivered to her Main Street store.

The bouquets arrive dry and are “conditioned” using a hydrating solution to activate the flowers and keep them brighter for a longer time. That’s just part of a process to design and craft the gifts for hundreds of customers, one that florists have down to a science.

”We’re more prepared, but people are ordering sooner than they ever have,” Trippensee said. “We will start assembling Tuesday. I don’t have a big walk-in cooler, but this way they are fresher.”

The classic Valentine’s Day gift of flowers and chocolates isn’t one that’s going away anytime soon. In fact, with the holiday falling on a Thursday this year the rush of business is likely to be greater.

”It’s far enough away from the weekend that people are doing something on the weekend and on the holiday,” Trippensee explained.

Across the business district at Creekside Floral, Mary Lewis is assembling an array of single roses, arrangements and gift items. She said showing off what’s possible helps inspire gift buyers.

”The more you have for them to see, the better,” Lewis said. “A lot of times, they come in and get an idea of what they want.”

Lewis said her business’ other reminder of the approaching holiday — the pink “Love Monkey” that patrols the downtown — is also being set up.

At Della’s Chocolates, Susan Fuller is preparing for the store’s second Valentine’s Day with new specialties and popular favorites.

Thousands of chocolate miniatures will be fly off the shelves this week, continuing a rush that began before Christmas and will continue through the summer. But nothing compare to this week.

“I’m anticipating Wednesday to be the busiest day,” Fuller said. “The men know where we are, they come out of the woodwork.”