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August 21, 2013

Growing project

Medina Journal-Register — With a Facebook group quickly approaching 3,000 members, the Memories of Medina online community has become a place where stories and memories are shared by past and present residents of the community.

When two very active members of that community passed away within days of each other in late July, the group was saddened. Many discussed what to do to memorialize Michelle Stanton Jones and Linda Froman, both of whom were integral to the Memories of Medina group and involved a number of community activities.

Tuesday night at the Ridgeway Town Board meeting, Tim Bensley, representing the social group, asked the trustees for permission to build the Circle of Love Memorial Garden at Glenwood Lake. It was one of the more enthusiastic approvals they have given to a citizen-backed project.

“We’re looking to memorialize citizens in and around the community,” he said, noting how the idea started from the passing of Jones and Froman. 

Bensley said that when the idea was initially brought up he offered to design the garden and donate the construction labor as his way of contributing. “Both ladies were always supporters of me and my family,” he said.

The design he presented the board is a series of circles, with a diameter of 34 feet at its widest point. Inside the circles will be an 18-foot center garden in which memorial plaques will be attached to create a 3-foot-tall wall with a circumference of approximately 56 feet. Bensley estimated the garden wall will hold about 154 plaques.

In the garden’s center will sit a 3-D steel circle surrounding a 3-D steel heart. The symbol will sit on a polished concrete slab with the words “remembered with love” engraved on it. Bensley also noted how there will be two three-foot walking paths around the garden divided by four curved benches. There will be a walk-up path with an arbor across the entrance, too.

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