The Journal Register (Medina, NY)

August 2, 2013

Trevor Cook Memorial was special to one young golfer

Special to The Journal-Register
Medina Journal-Register

Medina Journal-Register — On July 6th the 2nd annual Trevor T. Cook Memorial Golf Tournament was held at Shelridge Country Club in Medina, to Honor Marine Sgt. Trevor T. Cook who was killed while serving his country.

The Tournament was held on the date that Trevor was killed two years ago when his helicopter went down during a training exercise of which he was teaching protocol to younger crew chiefs. Although several were injured, all five of the other Marines survived the crash.

On the day of the 2012 Golf Tournament the Trevor T. Cook Memorial Garden at Shelridge was dedicated, it included the attendance of many of Trevor’s Marine Corps friends, and the raising of a US flag that can be seen throughout the golf course.

 Carrying the flag that day to the pole was 12 year old Carson Gates. Carson did not know Trevor, but when he heard of his death and that he died for our country he wanted to help raise money for the Memorial Garden and Flag pole. He began by inventing a golf ball toss game off the deck of Shelridge onto the practice green to one of the holes; half the money raised would go to the winner, and half to the Trevor fund. Carson ran this game at three tournaments, and also organized a can drive to raise money, in all he raised over $600.00.

This past March while in Washington, DC for a hockey Tournament, Carson and his mom and dad visited the Marine Corps base in Quantico, and then went to the Marine Corps Museum just off the base. Carson wanted to find Trevor’s brick on the memorial walkway at the Museum, and while searching for its location in the museum computer, he learned that the bricks had to be purchased to be part of the walkway. Carson took home an application and after speaking to Trevor’s parents to get permission, he soon began fund raising for the memorial brick. He again organized the ball toss and in one afternoon raised the entire $300.00. Since then, the brick for Sgt. Cook has been ordered, and soon will join the ones for our fallen Marine Corps heroes in this very special place.

Carson and his Dad, Mark played in the 2013 golf Tournament recently and attended the banquet with Carson’s mom, Jodi, and 260 other guests whom supported this worthy cause. During the banquet, a special presentation was made to Carson by Dave Cook, Trevor’s father. He presented Carson with a pair of Trevor’s Marine Corps Air Combat Crew wings, and they were pinned on Carson by Trevor’s good friend and fellow Marine, Sgt. Todd Mihill.

 Sergeant Mihill explained the meaning behind the combat wings, and how much they meant to Trevor, for flying in a large amount of combat sorties while they were on duty in Afghanistan. “Not many Marines have these particular wings, stated Mihill, and Trevor flew many dangerous missions in support of our troops there to earn them”.

Earning Marine Combat wings is an extraordinary accomplishment for a Marine, not every Marine receives them, they are truly earned and are a huge honor. During the presentation to Carson, Mr. Cook was moved by the emotional response from the packed room with not a dry eye in the place.

“Carson will truly wear those wings with honor, and forever have Trevor in his heart. Like our son Trevor did, Carson earned these wings for his selfless acts of supporting a local Marine that he never got to meet in person”, stated Cook. “Carson is truly an inspiration for all of us, especially to young people, as to how to properly live our lives, thinking of others first.”