The Journal Register (Medina, NY)


May 11, 2011

VALLEY: Maybe I should use the drive-thru


I think I’ve mellowed over the years — I suppose that’s good. But there are times when my aged redneck-philosophy slips through the filters of reason (an editorial process that is usually installed by maturity). And instead of keeping my trap shut, I ignore the wisdom of common sense and spout off. Different scenarios can trigger such an event.

As an example, let’s just say … oh, I don’t know — how about rude and inconsiderate people?

Last week I was headed for my morning coffee at Tim Horton’s. It was unseasonably cold and rainy. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that I would not find a parking spot close to the building. (Note: A crowded coffee shop is the sign of a good coffee shop.)

I parked my work truck several rows from the building and got out. Shielding myself from the wind and rain, I still felt fortunate that I could walk on my own two feet. It’s something that I don’t take for granted. Before I could reach the door, a car raced into the lot and spun into the open spot right in front of the place. It was the “handicapped parking” space to which the car settled.

Out popped the driver, a gal in her 20s (I’d guess) and her passenger, a young man with ball cap on sideways and baggy jeans. (Not that wearing a hat sideways and jeans with enough room to stash a Studebaker are cause for indictment.)

I saw no permit indicating they were legally allowed to park there nor did either of its occupants show signs of being disabled. They scrambled ahead of me and walked inside to the front of one of the two service-counters while I ambled over to the other.

“Welcome to Tim Horton’s! How can I help you,” the always charming staffer greeted me.

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